We are aware of the growing problem of addiction affecting youth worldwide. That’s why we offer an alternative through a preventive program called “AIDS vs LIFE,” which has produced very positive results in schools and educational institutions in South America and now in France.
This program is presented by Fernando SORIANO, a man who was once addicted and is now carrying the AIDS virus. The target audience is people age 11 and over. Through this program, young people are not only faced with the statistics in the world of addiction, but they can also share the experience of one living as a carrier of AIDS.
For young people, it is much easier to understand and learn through a referent, which has the courage to talk about this disease (and its causes) and the desire to help others so they avoid a life as painful as his. We observed that the sharing of practical experiences with young people helps to establish better communication channels and that students dare ask questions on topics they do not generally approach with adults. This opens the door for sharing the gospel.
We want to promote this program with the goal of providing one more tool for parents and others to increase the prevention of addiction and the consequences that this trend may have on our youth.

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