There are many ways to be involved with Word of Life France.  




PDV Week #3-4743

Every year campers come to camp, get saved, and make life changing decisions… and some of them come completely dependent on the generosity of strangers. You can be a part of blessing them with a camp scholarship! Some of our volunteers give up their vacation, and times when they could be working, to serve God by joining us for the summer. These are often French young adults who have come to camp and caught a vision for what God can do through a willing heart. They are our counselors, and our program team; our Dish washers, and our housekeepers. 

Sponsor a camper to come to camp for one week for only $250! 

Sponsor a French Volunteers for $350 you can to come serve with us for 6 weeks!



Summer Staff

Wether you come for a week or all six weeks, there is always something that needs done for camp. S T C: One such opportunity is our Summer Training Corps program where American’s, ages 16-25, come for 6 weeks during the summer to help with all the “behind the scenes” work that happens everyday during camp; things like housekeeping, dinning room, dish-pit, and grounds. Other needs: God has blessed us with many volunteers who have helped with everything from electrical work, to babysitting;  kitchen staff to video editing. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us in a specific role for summer camp, and we will see how we can fit you into the plan for the summer.




Sometimes its not about the individual, but about what God is doing as a whole through the Word of Life France ministry. Our ministry touches thousands of young people every year, teaching Bible, sharing the Gospel, and challenging the youth to step and serve in their churches. You can be a part of the Big picture: Make a donation to Word of Life France HERE.



Missions Trips

Do you have a church group that is interested in serving with Word of Life in France? You can be a part of a short-term missions trip.  Many times through the year we need help from people just like you to help us provide ministry to the young people of France. We often can customize these trips to your needs, and volunteers. You can also be a part of a construction team to help us with our properties.  We ALWAYS need men and women to come and help with construction and maintenance of our property; from painting to plumbing, carpentry to landscaping, and everything in between.


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